Visiting the Monastery

NOTICE for Guests requesting to stay at the monastery:

For May, June and July of 2022 we will work within the following guidelines in accepting pilgrims for our guesthouses:

Guests will be limited to a two night stay.

Specifically, you may plan to arrive on a Tuesday (at noon or after) and leave on Thursday.

Or you may arrive on a Friday (noon or after) and depart on Sunday.

Scheduling and working within these guidelines allows us to clean the guesthouses twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, and to accommodate the many guest requests that we receive.

Regarding August 2022, it is our hope that we will be able to schedule visitors after August 15. This will allow our guest space during the first half of August to be used for hosting Hierarchs and clergy coming for our Patronal feast. Please note that we will not respond to requests for August accommodations until after August 8.

We wish everyone good health and safe travels. If you or a family member becomes ill, please cancel your visit to us, so that we may be protected from communicable diseases.

In Christ,

Mother Christophora, Abbess

A visit to the monastery can provide a peaceful rest for your soul, an opportunity to get away from the busyness of the world and a time to experience God's presence and guidance. Our monastery is located within a day's drive of both New York and Chicago. Located just 35 miles north of Pittsburgh (just under an hour from the Pittsburgh International Airport), in the hills near Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, it is open to all pilgrims, Orthodox and non-orthodox alike. If you are interested in visiting the monastery, please read the information provided below. We hope that you will plan to visit us. The monastery is closed Sunday afternoon through Monday (with the exception of certain Feast Days).

Scheduling a Visit

To schedule a visit, please contact email us and let us know what type of visit you are requesting.

Day Visit

We invite day visitors to stop by, attend a service, shop in our store, have a short tour, hike on our trails, and enjoy some quiet time. Please check our monthly calendar if you wish to attend a service. An advance phone call or email would be much appreciated before you visit.

Overnight Visit

It is necessary to call or email in advance to arrange a stay. In keeping with Orthodox monastic tradition, we provide our guesthouse accommodations free of charge. Most guests choose to leave a donation according to their means.

Both of our guesthouses are comfortable furnished with living room and dining areas, private bedrooms with shared baths, as well as fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. A playhouse and swing-set are available for children for recreation. Internet access is available in the main monastery building for guests. For more information, please see our guesthouse page.

Please note that our guesthouses are small and fill up quickly. To accommodate all of our guest requests, overnight visits usually range between 2 and 5 days.

Group Visit

Orthodox Groups are welcome to visit for a day or an overnight visit. These groups must be scheduled in advance. Many groups come for a church service, a meal and/or a tour of the monastery. For an overnight group visit, please note that our guesthouses are small and we can only accommodate 10-12 persons depending on the number of males and females in the group. Youth group visits must have chaperones for each house and gender.

Group Tours

Group tours of the monastery must be scheduled in advance. Tours can be scheduled for late morning or early afternoon depending on our monthly calendar. Please contact us for more information.