Life Transfigured

Life Transfigured is written and distributed by the nuns of the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration. The journal is sent to interested subscribers in the US free of charge.  To receive the journal either electronically or by mail, please email us.

Our online archives begin with the 2010 issues of Life Transfigured. We hope to add more of our older issues in the near future.

Our Most Recent Issues

Life Transfigured 2022 - Volume 54

Pascha 2023

Pascha 2022

Summer 2022

Nativity 2022

Life Transfigured 2021 - Volume 53

Pascha 2021

Summer 2021

Nativity 2021

Life Transfigured 2020 - Volume 52

Summer 2020

Nativity 2020

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