Monastery Amenities

Our monastery is situated on 100 acres of lovely meadow and wooded land, and its several buildings are graced with flower gardens.

The main building includes:

❖ A beautiful church where visitors are welcome to join the nuns for morning and evening services or come for quiet personal prayer

❖ A small chapel for the nuns

❖ A large dining room where the main meal is served for nuns and guests

❖ A hospitality room where visitors can relax and enjoy fellowship

❖ A comfortable library housing an extensive collection of books and magazines, which guests are welcome to use during their stay

❖ A gift shop with books, icons and religious articles

❖ Saint Innocent's Room which functions as a multipurpose room or overflow dining.

❖ The private living quarters for the nuns.

In addition to the main building there are:

❖ Two guesthouses for overnight visitors (please see our page on visiting the monastery)

❖ A playhouse for children

❖ A pavilion for outdoor worship

❖ A large picnic gazebo

❖ A cemetery for our clergy and monastics