Monastery Grounds

Our grounds are lovely at any time of year. We have a cemetery where Mother Alexandra, our foundress, is buried as well as trails that skirt our fields and go back into the woods.

A selection of photos from the gardens and around the monastery throughout the year

Monastery Trails

Our monastery trails are a wonderful place for an afternoon hike. The entire trail system is about 2 miles in length. Different sections of the trail have better markings than other sections. Below is a trail map. The blue trail is blazed only from the Forest trail sign to the Waterfall with white paint rings with a blue cross in the center. For safety reasons, we ask that you notify a sister if you would like to hike on the trails. The red trail is blazed with red ribbons, and the white trail is blazed with white ribbons with the exception of the eastern-most climb parallel to the river which is wide and easily followed. Appropriate attire is required during hunting season as several neighboring properties join together in the woods.