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At our monastery, we sing music from various Orthodox Traditions. This page is a work in progress and will include some liturgical hymns that are difficult to find elsewhere, including hymns from the Romanian roots of our monastery and "special melodies" (Podobni / Prosomia) for Feast Days, as well as a few original compositions (either in text or melody). We offer these hymns to hopefully enhance your appreciation for the hymnography of the Church throughout all the different chant traditions. Most of the Liturgical Text is taken from the translations provided by the Orthodox Church in America or the Romanian Episcopate

This page is in progress. Please check back for more music.
The music provided on this site is free to download and distribute for Liturgical use only.

Last Updated January 2, 2018

What's New / Updated: St. Nicholas (Kontakion and Ikos); Nativity and Theophany (Hymn of Light and Communion Hymns)

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General Menaion

September 08 - Nativity of the Theotokos

September 14 - Elevation of the Cross

September 26 - St. John the Theologian

September 28 - Ellwood City Icon of the Mother of God

October 1 - Protection of the Mother of God

October 26 - Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica
November 8 - Archangel Michael and all Bodiless Hosts
November 9 - St. Nektarios of Agenia
November 21 - Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple

December 6 - St. Nicholas

December 13 - St. Herman of Alaska
  • Lord I Call Verses 4-6 (Tone 4) (You have given a sign)

December 21-24 - Nativity Prefeast

December 25 - Nativity of our Lord

January 1- Circumcision of our Lord & St. Basil

January 2- Saint Seraphim

January 2-5 - Theophany Prefeast

January 6 - Theophany of our Lord

January 30 - Three Hierarchs

February 2 - Entrance of the Lord in the Temple

March 24 - Forefeast Annunciation

March 25 - Annunciation

June 29 - Ss. Peter and Paul

July 19 - St. Seraphim

August 1-14 - Paraklesis to the Theotokos
  • Slavic Paraklesis (Tone 8) (Translation by HTM press) (Set in English at the monastery from an unknown CD of nuns in Poland)

August 5 - Prefeast of the Transfiguration

August 6 - Transfiguration

August 15 - Dormition of the Theotokos



Presanctified Liturgy

Palm Sunday

Holy Week


Paschal Troparia
Bright Friday - Life Giving Spring


All Saints of North America
  • Lord I Call Verse 5 (Tone 6) (Having Set all our Hope)  
  • Lord I Call Verse 6 (Tone 6) (Having Set all our Hope) Transcribed from CD: All Saints of North America (Selections From Vespers and Matins): Celebrating the Bicentennial of Orthodox Christianity in North America
  • Lord I Call Glory Verse (Tone 5) (Pskov Chant)
  • Troparion (Tone 8) (Carpatho Russian Chant)
  • Kontakion (Tone 3) (Today the Virgin)

Divine Liturgy

Cherubic Hymns

Father Son and Holy Spirit
  • Father Son and Holy Spirit (Byzantine Tone 5) For use with A Mercy of Peace - The Anaphora (Byzantine Tone 5 arr. by J. Erickson)

Communion Hymns

  • Bless the Lord - Psalm 103(4) (Traditional OCA setting) Set to chant the entire Psalm with Bless the Lord, O my soul! as a refrain between psalm verses.
  • Great Doxology - Tone 8 (2-part) (Romanian) - Adapted from Fr. Roman's melody setting - thanks Zoe!



Priest Funeral