Online Chapel

Watch select church services online

A new ministry began for the monastery during Great Lent 2013: live streaming and recording of chapel services for those who are elderly, ill, or infirm and are not able to attend services at their parish.  We broadcast select services LIVE from our chapel (see schedule below) on Ustream. The services can be viewed at a later time on YouTube. All you need is a high speed internet connection and a computer. If you are using a mobile device, you may need to download the Ustream app for live viewing.

In October 2013, the monastery was awarded a grant from the Ganister Orthodox Foundation Fund at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania. This is funding both hardware and software improvements to our online video streaming.

Last Minute Schedule Changes will be posted here:
***Holy Week and Pascha***
All services for Holy Week and Pascha will stream live. Bridegroom Matins will be recorded along with all services beginning Holy Thursday through Pascha Liturgy.

Please be aware that building construction may require a change in schedule  or interfere with streaming sound.

Regular Online Chapel Schedule*
Saturday Vigil: 6pm* (*5:30pm thru Great Lent)
Sunday Liturgy: 9:30am
Tuesday Vespers: 5pm
Weekday Liturgy (Usually Wednesday): 8:30am (see Monthly Calendar)
Friday Vespers and Akathist: 5pm
Saturday Liturgy: 8:30am

ALL Vigils and Liturgies on the Monthly Calendar will be broadcast LIVE on Ustream
*Services times and streaming availability subject to change*
*Select services will be archived on YouTube*

Watch Special Event
Recorded Tuesday, November 5
V.Rev, A. J. Bernstein gave a lecture titled:
Fr. James Bernstein, co-founder of Jews for Jesus and a long-time Orthodox priest, will present essential concepts of Christianity and how they evolved from Judaism, specifically within the context of Orthodox Christian worship.
*our apologies about the extra noise in the video -- there were construction workers in the basement and on the roof working on Phase 2 of the Expansion Project.

A higher quality audio File of Fr. Bernstein's lecture:

To watch services live (when applicable):

Video Streaming Feedback
*Please note: Several users have mentioned the advertisements on Ustream as a problem. As individual users, you may sign  up for Ustream Premium Membership and watch programs ad-free for  $3.99 per month. Click here for details.